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Concept series of luxury showers.

  • Frame free modern shower solutions
  • Selected high quality accessories
  • 8mm safety glass
  • High quality chrome magnet sealings for all solutions
  • Customisation available for different measurements
  • All shower cabins, shower walls, shower doors, and combined solutions manufactured by Balteco have CE markings and are compliant with European safety requirements (EN 14428).

    How to choose the right product?

  • Depending on the possibilities of the bathroom, it is reasonable to choose a shower cabin, a shower door for a niche, a shower wall, or a combined option.

  • If there is enough space, it is not advisable to choose a shower area/corner that is smaller than 90 × 90 cm (square).

  • The most popular types of glass are clear (T1), tinted grey, which offers more privacy (T2), and almost opaque satin matte glass (T3/Concept line) and the exclusive Crystal Vision glass (T4/Concept line).