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NEW! Framed fixed shower wall.

  • The innovative framed Frameline shower wall serves as a high-quality shower wall as well as an eye-catching interior design element in the bathroom. 
  • The Frameline shower walls are 200 cm high and are made of 6 mm tempered glass (clear/tinted) and painted (white/black) or anodised matte silver aluminium profiles. 
  • The supporting bars available as accessories (fixed crosswise or diagonally) can be ordered in the same finishing with the wall profiles, i.e. white, black, or matte silver. 
  • We offer three (3) different motifs for the Frameline shower wall: with a perimeter framed glass (R1), with a perimeter frame and horizontal motif (R2, photo), or with a perimeter frame and grid motif (R3).


  • The shower wall is pre-assembled

  • The wall fixing can compensate the inclination of the bathroom wall by +/- 5 mm

  • A supporting cross bar or a supporting diagonal bar must be ordered separately.

  • The shower wall is reversable which means that it can be turned around to open right or left

  • No motif profile on the inside of the shower wall to facilitate cleaning

  • Motif profiles on the outside of the shower wall

  • The 6 mm tempered glass is in a durable aluminium frame