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Vario is a novel luxury shower-steam cabin with a hydromassage bath.

  • Due to minimalist Nordic look and compact size (170 cm x 85 cm x 220 cm), Vario blends into bathrooms with different interior decoration styles and room sizes.
  • Massive cabin is designed with a very sturdy and strong construction, and it is built on a massive stone bath with a massive stone shower panel.
  • As standard, Vario is equipped with one ergonomically designed portable seat and back-rest from natural oil fi nished Finnish oak (second seat and back rest are a recommended option).
  • Cabin tempered glass (6 mm) fi nishing is with an option of either clear glass (T1) or toned grey (T2) with two cabin corner placement positions.
  • Vario is offered in three (3) different equipment levels and with either a regular shower mixer (N1) or a thermostatic shower mixer (N2).