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Concept 10

Luxury shower wall niche DUO.

  • Concept series 8 mm tempered glass and hinge systems

  • Various aluminum and hinge finishes and glass options

  • Products according to the dimensions provided by the client.

  • 30 years of experience in manufacturing shower enclosures

  • Our thoroughly tested technical solutions bear the CE marking and meet European safety requirements (EN 14428).

Types of glass:

  • 1.Grey (FT2) 8 mm tempered safety glass.

  • 2. Clear (FT1) 8 mm tempered safety glass.

  • 3. Matelux (FT3) 8 mm tempered safety glass with silk matte finish (one-sided finish)

  • 4. Crystal Vision (FT4) 8 mm tempered exclusive safety glass

  • Concept 10 niche placement drawing.