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Niche door with a custom width.

  • Available in both standard sizes and custom widths.
  • If the Balteco niche solution with standard dimensions does not suit you, you can order this product with custvom dimensions.
  • When ordering a custom-sized product, the correct measurements and checked measurement accuracy are required. To take into account the variations in construction accuracy, measurements should be taken at different heights just in case.

  • NICE SHOWER DOOR SOLO – single-glass shower door solution W1, W2, W3 -–The finished niche should be measured at 3 different heights – from the floor, at 100 cm, and at 200 cm.

  • Since accuracy is important, we recommend measuring with a laser meter (mm).
  • H – Total height of the shower door (product height profile + glass) from the surface of the finished floor (mm).

  • NICE SHOWER SOLUTION DUO – a multi-part niche solution consisting of either two doors or a door and one or two fixed glasses.