Balteco corner bathtubs are large enough to enjoy some quality time by yourself. Our corner bathtubs are made of 100% sanitary acrylic of the highest quality. This will ensure that you have the best bathing experience you could ever hope for. Balteco corner bathtubs have particularly effective and reliable massage devices. You can change the intensity of the water massage, back massage (ABM™), and foot massage as you desire. Our corner bathtubs are safe because they are fitted with water level sensors that prevent the pumps from turning on when the bathtub is empty. Also, the parts that are in the water have a high-quality chromed brass coating. Balteco corner bathtubs have beautiful and unique Panel+ panel solutions that ensure maximum aesthetic appearance and clean details. With screwless magnetic fasteners, the panel looks completely clean.

If you are planning to buy a massage bathtub or have additional questions about it, feel free to contact us. If you want to see our bathtubs with your own eyes or learn more about their technical properties, visit our authorised dealers.

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