Terms and conditions

Privacy Policy

Balteco AS undertakes to protect the privacy of its clients and users. Therefore, we have prepared this privacy policy regarding collecting, using, disclosing, forwarding and storing information about our clients. Our online activity complies with all pertinent activities and legislative acts of European Union and the Republic of Estonia.

Collecting and using personal data

Personal data is information that AS Balteco gathers when fulfilling its contractual obligations to a private person or for contacting such person.
Gathering personal data of regular customers can be conducted in the following manner:

  • When contact information (including customer’s name, postal address, phone number, e-mail address, preferred manner of contact) is submitted via our website or elsewhere (e.g. shops).
  • When purchasing or ordering from our shop or online store and a person’s contact information or information about their purchase preferences is stored.

Use of collected personal data

Collected personal data is used only for the purposes of delivering goods and to fulfil obligations to the client.

Protection of personal data

Balteco exercises every precaution (incl. administrative, technological and physical) to protect the personal data of a client. Access to information for the purposes of changing or processing it is only granted to authorized persons.


Customer’s personal data in its entirety, which has been revealed to Balteco when a client visits and purchases from its online store, is considered confidential. Encrypted data transmission channel with banks guarantees that the personal data and bank requisites of a buyer are protected.

Terms, conditions and amendments of privacy policy

When purchasing from our online store, you have read and agreed to the following principles, terms and conditions. Regarding any questions or problems about the privacy policy, please contact us at info@balteco.ee.

14-day right to return 

If the goods you purchased do not satisfy you for any reason, you can return the goods within 14 days, and the purchase price will be refunded to you (pursuant to the General Terms and Conditions of and Terms of Ordering from the Online Store, clause 2.6).

You cannot return purchased goods if the product is custom-made taking into account your personal needs or based on your requirements. You cannot return a product that is unsuitable for being returned due to reasons pertaining to the protection of health or to hygiene or if the product has been used after delivery.

  • In order to return a product, please fill out a return application. A product can only be returned to Balteco Administrative Department or its representatives in Tallinn or Tartu. When returning the product to the store, the client pays the transportation fee for the goods.
  • We will refund the returned item by transferring the respective sum to the bank account of the customer within 14 days from receiving the returned product.
  • The returned item must not be used and it must be in its original packaging.


1. Pursuant to the Law of Obligation Act of the Republic of Estonia, subsection 218 (2) and Directive 1999/44 of the European Parliament and the Council, a consumer is entitled to hold the seller liable for any non-conformity of an item with the terms of contract that become apparent within two years of receiving the item by the consumer. 

2. A complaint about the product must be submitted to the seller of the product or a sales representative of the Manufacturer. A complaint can be submitted in writing or orally, in person or through a representative. If a complaint cannot be settled through personal discussion, then the complaint must be submitted in a written format.

Written complaint must include:

1. name and contact information
2. date of submitting the complaint
3. description of the product and its defect
4. claim to the seller
5. reference to a document proving the purchase and the 8-digit product ID number (e.g. 14 234470); all products have an ID number in their documentation. A copy of the purchase document and the bank account number of the person submitting the complaint should be added to the complaint. In the case of a return item, the person receiving the complaint (seller) must add a description of the condition of the item.

3. The Consumer is entitled to receive a reply to a written complaint within 15 days. If the complaint cannot be settled within 15 days, then a written reply will inform the consumer of the deadline for solving the problem.

4. The Consumer must inform the company of product defects at the earliest opportunity and no later than within 2 months of discovering the defect.

5. The Consumer is entitled to request that the defective item be repaired or replaced free of charge if the defect was caused by a manufacturing deficiency. If it is not possible to repair or replace the product or the company fails to do so, then the buyer is entitled to withdraw from the agreement.

6. The Manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty to the enforced casing of baths starting from the time of delivery of the product to the buyer. 5-year warranty to the enforced casing only applies if the defect was caused by a manufacturing deficiency. In order to exercise rights granted by the warranty, the buyer must contact the sales representative of the Manufacturer (contact information is in the product documentation). In addition to the rights granted by the warranty, the consumer has other rights granted by law.

7. The right to submit a complaint will remain in force regarding the replaced product until the general deadline of submitting a complaint about the product has expired. Manufacturer warranty extends the general right to submit a complaint by the amount of time that it took to repair the item.

8. Regarding the product that was replaced during the term of the right to submit a complaint, a new deadline for submitting a complaint will come into force starting from the time that the replacement product is delivered to the consumer. Manufacturer’s warranty will also come into force regarding the replaced product.

9. If a product defect is not caused by manufacturing deficiency but has occurred due to the activity of the consumer, then the defect will be repaired based on a request from the consumer and according to the general price list.

10. Manufacturing deficiencies do not include:
1. damage caused to the product in the course of transportation and storage after the product was transferred to the consumer; all packages are labelled with handling details;
2. defects associated with installing and connecting the product, except when the installation of the product was ordered by a person authorized by the Manufacturer;
3. defects caused in the course of repairing the product if a person not authorized by the Manufacturer conducted the repairs;
4. defects due to reconstruction of the product if by a person not authorized by the Manufacturer conducted the reconstruction;
5. natural depreciation of products (e.g. wear of surface covering, scratches, dents, discolouration due to sunlight and UV radiation, wear and tear of seals and of bath pillows);
6. defects caused by failure to maintain or use the product according to the manual (e.g. damage to chrome surfaces due to unsuitable abrasive or acidic cleaning products, blockage of generators due to failure to flush those, etc.);
7. defects due to physical impact, i.e. due to intentional or unintentional improper use of the product by the consumer (broken glass walls of the shower, broken shower hoses at the joints, broken shower hoses, etc.); and
8. defects that have occurred due to circumstances beyond the control of the Manufacturer: use of the product in unsuitable conditions; power network that is in bad condition (line voltage fluctuates by 10%, thunder, lack of earth wires); bad quality of water (thermostat valve, shower heads, ceiling showers, mixers, etc. clogged by scale); damage caused by fire, flood or other external factors.

General Terms and Conditions of and Terms of Ordering from Balteco Online Store

1. Scope and validity of terms and conditions

1.1 The General Terms and Conditions of and Terms of Ordering (hereinafter Terms) from the AS Balteco Online Store (hereinafter Seller) apply to all persons (hereinafter, Buyer/Consumer) who use the www.balteco.com online store (hereinafter Online Store), order goods from the Online Store (hereinafter Products), including when concluding a contract for purchase and sale (hereinafter Sales Contract) in order to buy Products from the Online Store.
By accepting the Terms, the Consumer confirms that they have read the terms and conditions of the Sales Contract, agree to those and will fulfil those.

2. Purchasing Products and submitting an order in the Online Store

2.1 Only Products with a Buy link can be bought through the Online Store. The price and availability of Product can change day-to-day and without any prior notice. If a Buyer has submitted an order before the price of a Product changed, the price valid during the time of submitting the order will apply.
2.2 The Seller is entitled to withdraw from the Sales Contract concluded through the Online Store and not deliver the ordered Product or render a service in the following instances: the warehouse is out of products sold as Accessories (cleaning products for Balteco Products); price or characteristics of a Product are displayed incorrectly in the Online Store due to a system malfunction.

2.3 Basket and submitting an order

You can change the quantity of products in the basket. Products complementing the selected items can be added through the basket. To order a Product, select a suitable mode of delivery. Specifying questions about the mode of delivery are asked on the page for submitting an order. Read the purchase conditions of the Online Store and confirm that you have done so and agree to the conditions when submitting your order by marking (‘ticking’) the box in front of the terms and conditions.
Confirm your order by selecting a suitable mode of payment and clicking on the Pay link. Enter the data of the Consumer/Buyer. Select the mode of delivery and click on Pay. Pay for your purchase. When submitting your order, pay attention because a quick and orderly delivery of the products depends on it.
A Sales Contract is concluded at the time that the amount due according to the confirmed order is transferred to the bank account of AS Balteco or the Seller does not fulfil a confirmed but unpaid order.

2.4 Paying for Products

Modes of payment: via online banking (in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: Swedbank, SEB, Nordea Bank, Danske Bank, LHV Bank, through bank links).
You can pay with a credit card or PayPal by clicking on the respective mode of payment and following the instructions displayed on the screen.
After the payment is made, the Online Store will send you an Order Confirmation and an invoice. Invoice for the products will be added to the ordered products.
All personal data disclosed during visiting and purchasing from AS Balteco Online Store are considered confidential. Encrypted data transmission channel with banks guarantees that the personal data and bank requisites of a buyer are protected. Representatives of AS Balteco do not have access to the encrypted data.

2.5 Delivery and transfer of products

The Product will be delivered at the address provided when submitting an order. The Buyer will be informed about the delivery, using the contact information provided in the submitted order. The ordered Product will be delivered based on the Terms and Conditions of Transport valid at the moment of submitting the order.

Please check your contact information when submitting your order in order to avoid delays and misunderstandings when delivering Products. AS Balteco and the courier are not liable for delays and misunderstandings during delivery if the delay or misunderstanding was caused by inaccurate or incorrect information provided by the Buyer when submitting the order.

The Product will only be transferred to the Buyer based on a delivery note. Before signing the delivery note, please check the packaging of the Product carefully and write down any damages to the packaging on the delivery note. In the case of damaged packaging, you can refuse to accept the item and/or inform the customer service of AS Balteco Online Store immediately by e-mailing at info@balteco.ee.

Products are transferred to third persons if the latter have authorization (including when the Buyer has appointed a third person as a recipient in the submitted order form). The Seller can authorize third persons for delivering the Products (including using a courier service).

2.6 Withdrawing from the Sales Contract and returning the Product

The Consumer in entitled to withdraw from the Sales Contract within 14 (fourteen) days from receiving the Product. The Right to withdraw from the Sales Contract does not apply to special orders from the Online Store (stone baths or stone mass basins manufactured according to a custom order) and payments for such Products are not refunded to the Buyer.

When withdrawing from the Sales Contract, the Product and the packaging must be unused and complete. In the case of withdrawal, all gifts and other additional items received based on the Sales Contract are to be returned.

When returning a used or an incomplete Product, the Seller can decide not to satisfy the withdrawal application of the Buyer or decide to clear the expense caused by the reduction in the value of the Product from the purchase sum to be reimbursed to the Buyer.
When withdrawing from the Sales Contract, the Seller can clear up to €20 of the purchase sum to be reimbursed to cover the handling expenses.

The Buyer will pay for the transportation of the returned Product. If the Buyer does not return the Product within 21 days from the date of submitting the withdrawal application, the Seller can refuse to satisfy the withdrawal application.

The Purchase sum will be reimbursed within 14 days after the Seller receives the returned Product. The Sum paid via a bank link or a bank transfer is returned to the bank account that was used to pay for the product according to the mode of payment of the submitted order. In the case of a payment made with a credit card, an application to void the transaction will be submitted to a payment processing centre.

2.7 Cancellation of the Sales Contract

You are entitled to cancel your order without any additional costs after having paid for the Product but before the Product is delivered. In order to cancel a Sales Contract/Order, e-mail a notification to that effect with the number of Sales Contract at info@balteco.ee. A confirmation is sent about the cancellation of the Sales Contract.

3. Principles of data protection and processing

3.1 The Seller guarantees that the protection and use of the Buyer’s information, including personal data, is pursuant to the procedure stipulated in the Terms and Conditions of the Privacy Policy. The Buyer confirms that they have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Privacy Policy. Pursuant to valid legislative acts and the stipulations in the Terms and Conditions of the Privacy Policy, the Seller is entitled, without a consent of the Buyer, to process information (including personal data) to the extent necessary for using the Online Store, fulfilling the Sales Contract or guaranteeing the fulfilment of the Sales Contract. Among all else, based on the stipulation above, the Seller has a right to conduct the following activities without a separate consent: send notifications associated with the use of the services of the Online Store to the Buyer, including notifications that are in the best interests of the users of the Online Store.

4. Liability and solving disputes

4.1 The Consumer is entitled to submit a complaint to the Seller in the case of a non-compliant Product (a defective product) within two (2) years from the day of receiving the Product. A complaint must be submitted immediately, but no later than within two (2) months from discovering the defect of the product. When discovering the defect, the Consumer must apply reasonable measures to store and protect the Product, including refrain from using the defective Product if using the Product would cause the condition of the Product to deteriorate.
4.2 The Buyer can refer to the legal remedies stipulated in law if the Product is non-compliant, including request that the Product be repaired or replaced or to withdraw from the Sales Contract and return the non-compliant Product.
4.3 AS Balteco is not liable: if the condition of the Product deteriorates due to the actions of the Buyer; for defects caused by improper use of the Product; for normal physical depreciation under normal conditions of use.
4.4 If the Seller or Manufacturer has granted a Sales Warranty to the product, the Buyer will receive the Terms and Conditions of Warranty in a written format with the Product and/or these will be available in an electronic format in the Online Store.
4.5 In order to solve any problems arising later, the Buyer must keep the purchase documents (invoice, contract, etc.) that prove that the product was bought from the Seller’s Online Store. Without a document proving the sales, the Seller/Service Provider can decide not to solve the problem.
4.6 Complaints about the Products purchased from the Online Store can be submitted to AS Balteco Online Store, Jälgimäe, 76401, Harjumaa, Estonia; or by e-mailing at: info@balteco.ee.
4.7 The Seller and Buyer conclude an agreement for the maintenance and repairs of the item.
4.8 When solving the shortcomings of a Product, the terms of submitting a complaint to AS Balteco are observed; these are an integral part of the Sales Contract and of these Purchase Conditions and are approved by the Buyer before concluding a Sales Contract.
4.9 The Seller guarantees that items sold in the Online Store comply with the standards of the European Union. The circumstances listed in the standards are not considered product defects.
4.10 For information about Accessories and Estonian orders (cleaning products) call: Mon–Fri +372 667 1766 or e-mail at info@balteco.ee.
Regarding the main products (baths, basins) and if you are a foreign client, please call: Mon–Fri: +372 6718 239.
4.11. A Consumer is entitled to contact a competent authority, which is the Estonian Consumer Protection Board (address: Rahukohtu 2, Tallinn, 10130; e-mail: info@tka.riik.ee). It is within the competence of the Consumer Disputes Committee to solve disputes arising from contracts concluded between a consumer and a corporate entity if the parties have failed to reach an agreement. Additional information about solving complaints is available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

Time of delivery:
2–7 working days to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Visible in the basket
Special conditions:
We will deliver the Product to your home/office in mainland Estonia (excluding the islands).
Time of delivery:
Every day between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.
When ordering, the time that it takes for the product to arrive in the warehouse is added to the delivery time.

Time of Delivery:
Up to 30 days to EU member states.
Visible in the basket
Special conditions:
We will deliver the Product to your home/office in the EU.
Time of delivery:
The delivery contractor sets deadlines.
When ordering, the time that it takes for the product to arrive in the warehouse is added to the delivery time.

5. Other terms and conditions

5.1 Product images have an illustrative purpose.
5.2 The prices of Products and their availability can change without a prior notice. In this case, AS Balteco reserves the right to withdraw from a sale and return the paid sum to a client’s bank account within 10 working days.
5.3 Online Store of Balteco reserves the right to withdraw from a sale if any of the following problems have occurred concerning the Product: there has been a human error when entering the price or a technical malfunction in the system (e.g. if a bath costing €3,000 is being sold for €300, it is an obvious error. Therefore, we presume that the client understands that this is a mistake and the product will not be sold for such a price).
5.4 Product information is verified and updated constantly. Information might be updated after your last visit. We recommend you check product information once again before purchasing, if at all possible.

6. Validity of terms and conditions

6.1 These terms and conditions for the Seller’s Online Store are valid starting from 1 October 2016.

Home delivery

Transportation information for a product is by the product.

  • Order small-scale items to the nearest parcel machine in Estonia for €2.99.

Prices and delivery times in case of home delivery when ordering accessories from the Online Store (Balteco cleaning products):

Home delivery for accessories (Balteco cleaning products)

Transportation to your front door is offered for large Products that cannot be delivered to a parcel machine.

Home delivery for baths, basins (Balteco main products)

NB! A courier will contact the client regarding the delivery on the day of transferring the Product, which has been indicated in the Order Confirmation that was e-mailed to you.
Postal parcel (price applies to accessories (Balteco cleaning products))

Time of delivery:
2–7 working days to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

When paying with a credit card, the time of delivery is extended by the time it takes for the payment to reach us (usually 2–3 working days). Conditions for submitting complaints about a product

1. For private persons, the deadline for submitting complaints is 24 months from transferring the Product. In the case of legal persons, the manufacturer’s warranty period applies.
2. Within the time limit for submitting complaints, the Consumer is entitled to free repairs. If a malfunction occurs due to the Manufacturer’s error, all costs related to faulty materials and production, as well as work and spare parts are covered.
3. The basis for submitting complaints are documents proving the purchase.
4. Complaints do not include instructions for Product use or its adjustment, maintenance, cleaning, restoring the exterior or removing faults caused by non-compliance with the user manual.
5. The right to submit complaints does not cover damage that has occurred during transportation after the product was transferred to the Buyer.
6. Balteco does not repair defects that have become apparent within the time limit for submitting complaints if these were caused by:

  • normal depreciation;
  • incorrect use or maintenance (incl. if the item has been repaired or maintained by a person not authorized by the manufacturer);
  • external factors. Among all else, external factors could be mechanical damage, etc.; or
  • Product does not function due to the fault of the owner because of incorrect use, non-compliance with the manual, or if defects were caused by improper storage or maintenance of the Product.

7. Balteco relies on expert examination (diagnostics) conducted by an authorized representative of the Manufacturer when determining liability. If the expert examination determines that defects were caused by factors listed above but the Product can be repaired, then the Consumer can order paid repairs. Product with mechanical defects will thereafter be repaired only for a fee.
8. An expert fee must be paid for the expert examination of a Product if Balteco is not responsible for repairing the defects of the Product and repairing the Product is impossible.
9. A private customer is not liable for expert examination fees within 6 months from the date of purchase.
10. If a Consumer disagrees with the position of Balteco, then the Consumer must prove that:

  • The Product has a defect (non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the Contract);
  • defect or its cause existed at the time of transferring the Product;
  • Balteco is responsible for the defect.

11. If Balteco has provided a warranty for the Product, then Balteco will ensure the repair of defects pursuant to the stipulations of the warranty.
12. In order to exercise your right to submit a complaint, contact Balteco Online Store at info@balteco.ee, or in Estonia, call at: +372 667 1766 Mon–Fri; in the case of items delivered abroad, call at +372 6718 239 for further instructions concerning the action to be taken about the Product.
13. In addition to rights derived from the right to submit a complaint, the Buyer has all other rights stipulated in the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
14. In addition to rights derived from the right to submit a complaint, the Buyer has all other rights stipulated in the EU law.