Björn Koop

KIA automotive designer in Frankfurt

Balteco with its design process and development is a vivid example of excellent collaboration with a designer. It is the best example of successful cooperation between the departments and its results. Technical specifications and aesthetics makes this a competitive turnout.

Tõnis Krikk

Soft furnishing designer

Cooperation projects with Balteco have always been very enjoyable and professional. Strong teamwork between the marketing, production and development teams has left a particularly positive impression. This ensures functional products that are thought out down to the finest details, minimal in design and intended for specific target groups.

Mait Mahlapuu

Product designer

The most enjoyable part about the collaboration with Balteco was their specialisation on the nuances of shape and surface. The shapes, for example, are finalised by a modeller by hand as is customary in the automotive industry that works with complex surfaces.

Harri Ehrlich

I am working at Balteco as an in-house designer. The company knows how to value design, which does not just mean collaboration with different people, but also meaningful daily work in the area and broader view on product development. The products are well-balanced: on the one hand, functionality and on the other, aesthetic aspect.


Owner of Ma-Dis Stuudio

Strongly developed and grown-up manufacturing company. Balteco’s practice of creating new products suited me. First they submitted recommended specifications for the design of new products. Afterwards, all units from technologists to vendors got involved in the development of the idea with their specific requests. At the same time, I always felt the respect and support, which allowed me to carry out the design idea to the maximum. Balteco simply respects the designers.


Product designer

Eclipse is a bathtub with a soft and flowing shape that is created with relaxation and feeling of holiday in mind. The model started out with ten hand-crafted models and sketches that were honed to perfection millimetre by millimetre in a 3D model in cooperation with Balteco’s experienced engineer.


Product Designer

Mio’s design is the result of very enjoyable collaboration. Mio is one of the few stone mass shower panels, and due to the material, the idea to originate from a natural shape was fixed already in the initial stage.


Designer and owner of the bureau Iseasi, product design lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts

The aesthetic and at the same time, considering its simplicity, stately bathtub that takes into consideration the conditions of a technology that is fairly new at Balteco was named Rego at the time of creation. Ambitious! Despite its shape, Rego is ergonomic and comfortable and includes several well-hidden functional details and options.

Aivar Habakukk

Balteco’s head of design.