Carre and Vida bathroom furnitures 

27. Apr 2022

With our most demanding customers in mind, we have created the luxurious CARRÉ bathroom set, designed to last for many years. Its oak veneer and integrated oak handles, which offer a particularly refined and elegant look, are what make the CARRÉ set so exclusive.

 The CARRÉ furniture set is also available in a wide range of contemporary colours, making it perfect for both extravagant and subdued bathrooms. 

The CARRÉ basin and side cabinets are available in various sizes, which makes our furniture suitable for spaces of all shapes and sizes. The Xonyx solid surface integrated tabletop basins with a satin finish provide a stylish and sophisticated look to the cabinets.

VIDA bathroom furniture

 VIDA bathroom furniture is highly elegant and timeless. The possibility of natural oak finish, which retains its distinctive appearance even after many years, adds exclusivity to the set. The VIDA furniture set comes in a wide range of contemporary colours, allowing everyone to find just the right shade for their bathroom.

The VIDA set is available in various sizes, making it possible to find the ideal solution for your bathroom. The VIDA basin cabinets can be used with our stylish Xonyx solid surface integrated tabletop basins. 

Both CARRÉ and VIDA basin and side cabinets stand out because they are mounted on the wall, which gives the furniture a desirable airy feel. Wall-mounted cabinets make the room appear larger, allow you to show off your floor tiles to their fullest extent, and ensure that the underfloor heating heats the room more evenly.

 To complete the CARRÉ and VIDA furniture set, we recommend the various stylish mirrors with LED lighting from Balteco’s extensive catalogue.