Improvement of living quality

23. Aug 2016
1. Underwater massage joins the eff ect of aquatic environment and massage, where the body is simultaneously aff ected by both the temperature of water and the pressure of water jets on body surface.

2. Massage, on its turn is enhanced by applying pressure on specifi c parts of the body.

3. The hydromassage baths, designed by Balteco specifi cally for domestic use, are part of healthy lifestyle. Massage eases muscle tensions, caused by work or exercise, but also proovides relief in the case of many diseases as an additional therapy, contributing to better life quality.

4. The thermal conductivity of water is 23 times higher than that of the air. This provides for excellent means of heat transition and eff ective therapy.

5. The level of at least three diff erent hormones, related to stress, will drop in blood during a bathing session.

6. Heart rate will go up in a hot bath, while blood pressure drops and muscle tone is relaxed. Sweating contributs to detoxifi cation and rejuvenation process of the body.

7. It is scientifi cally proven that both mental and physical stress is relieved during bathingprocedure.

8. In moderate water temperature the heart rate will actually drop, in average, by 6-10 beats per minute. The smaller blood vessels will widen, blood pressure drops and blood circulation improves.

9. Prolonged hydrotherapy will speed up metabolism and excessive fl uids, sodium and potassium will be removed from body, thus balancing skin well-being.

10. Long hydrotherapy procedure in water can be enjoyed at a temperature, which matches, more or less, the temperature of body.