Como stone baths – immerse all your senses

23. Nov 2021

Immerse your senses and body in a luxurious Como stone bath. The Como free-standing bathtub with minimalist design is designed to be installed in the middle of the room and admired from all sides. The bath has a capacity of 270 litres and a weight between 100 and 120 kg, depending on customisation. The front panel of the bath has a soft wavy surface, while its overall appearance has a slightly more pronounced shape with a straighter edge. For the Como baths, Balteco designers have designed functional wall interfaces which allow the possibility to install the bath in a corner or by a wall and a faucet on the bath’s edge. The L and R markings of the Como bath indicate the left and right corners.

The Como stone baths range has been designed in accordance with the high expectations of users, a comprehensive bathroom solution, and a luxurious bath experience in mind.

Material: XONYXTM solid-surface stone.

Designers: Hannes Lung and Raul Polding with Balteco product development: chief designer Aivar Habakukk, designer Andres Uuetoa.