Keep your Xonyx™ solid surface products beautiful for years!

24. Jan 2024
Thank you for choosing Xonyx™ solid surface by Balteco – be it a bathtub, countertop, or any other Xonyx™ product with its beautiful silky smooth finish. Xonyx™ solid surface is a durable material that retains its long-lasting beauty with moderate maintenance, and its daily cleaning is easy. Below, you’ll find simple guidelines on how to avoid cleaning mistakes and preserve the beauty of your Xonyx™ solid surface product, maintaining its silky smooth finish. Please pay special attention to preventing surface damage.
Prevent damage:
Avoid using the following chemicals and cleaning agents that may harm the surface:
  • Cleaning agents containing alcohol
  • Strong acids or alkalies
  • Acetones and other chemical compounds
  • Various abrasive cleaning scrubs (steel wool, pads, sponges) or substances that can cause scratches
  • Other cleaning agents not marked as suitable for cleaning solid surface
If any chemical comes into contact with the surface, we recommend rinsing it quickly with water and, if necessary, clean the surface with Xonyx™ cleaner. To prevent permanent surface damage and stains, avoid using colored detergents or highly
pigmented products such as:
  • Nail polish
  • Hair dyes
  • Self-tanning products or oil-based products (creams, hair oils, conditioners, etc.)
  • Avoid contact with high-temperature or heat-emitting items
  • Avoid dropping heavy and/or sharp objects on the surface
Daily maintenance:
Cleaning Xonyx™ bathtubs or any other Xonyx™ solid surface product is simple:
  • Clean immediately after use with warm water and a non-abrasive sponge or microfi ber cloth.
  • Dry the surfaces with a soft towel.
  • For thorough cleaning, use Balteco Xonyx™ cleaner specially developed for this material, ideal for removing dirt, stains, and moderate limescale residue.
  • In case of limescale, use a diluted limescale remover, allowing it to act for no more than 5 minutes.
  • Then rub the surface with a soft sponge or microfi ber cloth and rinse with clean water.
Balteco’s special Xonyx™ solid surface cleaner ensures the best cleaning results. This environmentally friendly product keeps your Xonyx™ solid surface clean and silky.