Memorable bathing experiences for customers whatever their preferences – what expectations do people have nowadays?

11. Jan 2022

Whatever their preferences, customers will find their ideal bath in the Balteco range.    Home is where we spend much of our time and everyone wants to spend that time as pleasantly as possible. How can we choose the right bath for our home?

 Alina Kester - Creative director of Liven

  What does today’s          customer look for in      a bathroom? What          requirements do they      have for a bath?


People's expectations have grown – customers have become more aware, have more possibilities, and want to choose the bathroom elements themselves. Home is where we spend much of our time and everyone wants to spend that time as pleasantly as possible. Both the number of bathrooms and the number of functions in the bathroom have increased. There are also an increasing number of bathrooms offering both a bath and a shower. People have a range of expectations for the shape and functionality of a bath – it is therefore important to ensure a diverse selection.

A bath’s design affects both the experience of taking a bath and our visual perception. Here, the latter is not to be underestimated. In Liven homes, people are looking for something special and aren’t afraid to admit it.

Is a bath the heart of the bathroom?

Every person is different and planning a home starts with the homeowner. For anyone who loves bathing, a bath is undoubtably the heart of the bathroom.

What do you consider important in a bathroom? What are the advantages or special features of Balteco bathtubs? Do paintable baths offer more interior design options?

Baths that can be tinted based on the Balteco RAL catalogue provide additional design opportunities. We have offered homebuyers both black and beige options and it is worth mentioning that the black finish was well received in Katla Maja homes. Today, the most up-to-date bathrooms again feature softer tones and often have a calmer and more even colour scheme.

Which Balteco bath do you like best?

I’m particularly fond of the Balteco Como corner bath, which fits perfectly thanks to its carefully designed layout. And, while I wouldn’t personally install glass on the edges of a bath, this bath provides the option to do so if desired.

 Aivar Habakukk - Chief designer at Balteco

  There is such a wide selection of      baths on the European market,          what aspects do customers              consider?

    There is indeed a great deal of competition on the European market          between bathroom furniture manufacturers. Historically, southern            countries have a greater bathing tradition (Roman baths, etc.) Thus, many well-known manufacturers started in Italy, for example. As a relatively new company, Balteco places great emphasis on the quality of material and production, its location in Northern Europe, and the aesthetics of this cultural space – simple shapes based on familiar archetypes. Of course, flexible pricing is always a key factor.

What makes Balteco baths special, what is your design language – who do have in mind when designing a bath?

Designers do not have much room for manoeuvre when designing baths. First and foremost, I think of the user – a bath must meet ergonomic requirements, such as a comfortable reclining angle for the back. An important measure is the length of the bottom – so that the user does not sink too deeply into the water. Therefore, we offer bathtubs of different lengths. For example, in the Netherlands, bathtubs with longer bottoms are noticeably more popular. Perhaps one of the most distinctive features of the Balteco bath is its slightly greater depth, which ensures that you can also be submerged in shorter baths, where you cannot really stretch out. When designing a bath, it is necessary to think about the room where the bath is located – whether to create a freestanding bath or a bath placed by a wall or in a corner to save space. It is also necessary to observe and anticipate trends and tendencies in interior architecture. Another important factor is positioning the product within the Balteco collection, its compatibility and relationship to other products such as sinks and furniture. All these factors are taken into consideration when designing a new product, so there is not so much latitude for creativity. Yet some nuance or almost imperceptible take on form is still integrated and may be understood and appreciated by the intended user.

What do modern customers expect from a bath?

The expectations of a modern customer from a bath are twofold: the primary concern is emotional – likes/dislikes, and the second is relatively pragmatic – dimensions and water consumption. When designing and marketing baths, both aspects must be considered. The first can be accommodated by a product with a softer/more romantic design, where dimensions are not the primary concern for the user. Women are often the ones making the decision when purchasing a bath. On the other hand, a bath is a very practical and important consideration for families with small children.

Why would you buy a Balteco bath for yourself?

Just like there are dog and cat people, there are also bath and sauna people :). I personally prefer a sauna – but my wife likes both.