How to choose the right showher product?

16. Jul 2020

Depending on the possibilities of the bathroom, it is reasonable to choose a shower cabin, a shower door for a niche, a shower wall, or a combined option.

If there is enough space, it is not advisable to choose a shower area/corner that is smaller than 90 × 90 cm (square).

The most popular types of glass are clear (T1), tinted grey, which offers more privacy (T2), and almost opaque satin matte glass (T3/Concept line) and the exclusive Crystal Vision glass (T4/Concept line).

When ordering a shower product:
1. Non-standard shower cabins – it is advisable to measure the external dimensions.

2. Niche door – widths at three different heights. For a niche door with extra glass, also measure the width at three different heights.When measuring rooms, completely finished surfaces should be measured at three different heights to ensure accuracy and take into consideration any vertical unevenness of the walls, if necessary.It is not advisable to install shower walls extending to the ceiling, as such walls are difficult to clean and may reduce the ventilation in the shower area.